So this thing happened to me since my last personal post. This amazing, terrifying, life-changing thing. I became a mommy to the most incredible tiny human that I have ever laid eyes on. I swore up and down that no photo of me in the hospital will ever be seen by anyone except myself, my husband and said tiny human. I’m sure this isn’t the first time I’ll eat my words. 😉 I decided that since I spend my career intimately capturing the most important, emotional day of someone’s life thus far, that I should share one of mine as well. Sparing the gory details, here is my birth story.

After a full night’s rest (or at least as much rest as I could get at that point) I was 39 weeks, 2 days pregnant when I woke up to some moderate stomach cramps. After calling my doctor to confirm labor (I didn’t want to be THAT girl that got to the hospital just to be sent home), I texted Heath to come get me…it was “go time”. It was 8:00 am and he had just arrived at work. Shortly after that, one of my best friends from childhood texted me and said that she had a dream last night that I had the baby that day. Haha. I told her that she needed her own TV show or something because she had some mad psychic skills. 😉 This is the same person that texted me the day that we had the doctor’s appointment to find out the gender and told me she had a dream it was a boy. Seriously, she’s good. By the time Heath got home, the mild cramps were full blow contractions about 5 minutes (or less) apart and when we checked into the hospital, I was half way to fully dilated…things were progressing quickly! To make a long story short, the littlest love of my life was born 5 hours later. I had an amazing experience and can’t thank the staff at St. John’s Hospital enough, especially Julie, our L&D nurse who kept me going through an hour and 45 minutes of pushing.

Here are a few photos from baby’s first month of life. He is such a joy to Heath and I. I can’t wait for baby Harrison to start joining me on shoots! 🙂

 Harrison’s newborn photos at 10 days!

His first trip to Picturesque pond. Daddy and baby were both very excited!

1 month!



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