I am Amanda Bringham, owner and lead photographer at Picturesque. I am an avid bookworm, a hopeless gardener and lover of sunny days. I started as a photojournalist, turned wedding photographer and never looked back. Check out this video by the one and only PenWeddings of me in action at our 16 acre outdoor studio.

The Mayo Hotel Editorial | Brides of Oklahoma Magazine

A highlight of my year is always The Brides of Oklahoma editorial shoot. The only thing I hate about is is having to keep it hushed up for a good 6 months before sharing the images. Haha. BOO paired me up with The Mayo Hotel for their tabletop editorial but, you guys, it was SO MUCH MORE than just a tabletop. It was a dream and one of the most fun shoots I have ever been a part of. The team at Mayo Event + Design has such an amazing vision when it comes to editorials! I’m not sure how to say this but…there was a UNICORN and my 5 year old self was giddy inside the whole time. Be sure to pick up the new issue of The Brides of Oklahoma magazine to see the spread!

Design, styling, upholstered chairs, puffs, bench, stemware, tabletop accessories, place cards | Mayo Event + Design

Florals | The French Bouquet

Catering, cocktails | The Mayo Hotel

Main table | Mood Party Rentals

Makeup | Faccia Bella

Hair | Profile Concierge Hair Services

Dress | Tesori Bridal

Linens, china, napkins, mirrors, flatware, vases, chargers, champagne glasses, bistro tables | Party Pro Rents

Uplighting | Empire Lighting

Invitation Suite | The Inviting Place

Cake, macarons, cotton candy | Brown Egg Bakery

Cotton candy machine | Marianne’s Rentals Special Event Solutions

Videography | Redeemed Productions

picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0001 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0005 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0008 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0009 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0002 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0006 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0007 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0003 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0004 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0014picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0013  picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0011 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0019 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0021 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0012 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0017 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0016 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0024picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0018 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0022  picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0023 picturesque-photos-by-amanda-the-mayo-hotel-tulsa-oklahoma_0025

Dana + Connor | The Mayo Hotel Reception | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Here it is! My last blog post of 2016. Just before Christmas, I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding reception in the Grand Hall at The Mayo Hotel for a lovely couple who got married in Colorado. It was so tastefully done by the groom’s mother, Lori. It had a very festive feel to it! The logistics of having a reception in a city that you don’t live in can be tricky. Dana and Connor were supposed to fly in the night before but it happened to be the first snow storm of the year and their flight was delayed until the next day. With more delays, the poor couple didn’t get to their own reception that started at 7:00 pm until nearly 10:00 pm. The guests were so great and patient though. Congrats, Dana and Connor…we’re glad you made it!

Venue | The Mayo Hotel

Live Band | Hook

Catering | Mayo Catering

mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0001-2 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0003-1 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0004 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0002-2 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0005 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0007 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0006 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0012 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0010 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0009 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0013

The couple’s arrival and toast!

mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0011 mayo-hotel-wedding-tulsa-oklahoma_0015

Katie + Jonathan | Woodward Park Engagement Tulsa, Oklahoma

We originally scheduled Katie and Jonathan’s engagement session to be downtown and at my studio but we had a last minute change when we discovered it was the day of the Route 66 Marathon. Many streets downtown were blocked off and we were worried about traveling so we decided to just go to one location…Woodward Park. I’m so glad we did because the photos turned out so great! It was so nice getting to know these two some more. Can’t wait for the wedding next year!

woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-1 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-2 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-3 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-4 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-5 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-6 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-7 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-8 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-10 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-11 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-12 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-13 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-14 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-15 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-16 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-17 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-19 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-18 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-20 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-21 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-22 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-23 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-24 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-28 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-26 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-27 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-29 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-31 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-32 woodward-park-engagement-session-tulsa-oklahoma-33

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